Damaged oil pan threads are a pain and buying a new oil pan is expensive. Oversize plugs can be used as a temporary solution to stripped oil pan threads but, eventually, you'll need something permanent.

What most of our customers do in the event of their oil pan threads getting stripped is re-tap their pan threads to the next size up.

For example, if your original oil pan threads were 14mm x 1.5, you might want to re-tap to 16mm x 1.5, at which point you would avoid ever going through that issue again by choosing a 108 series (our 16mm series) Fumoto valve to replace your oil drain bolt.

Please keep in mind that if the oil drain port is recessed, you might also need an extension adapter to install the valve. For more information click here: Do I need to use an adapter with my Fumoto valve?


Another common question that we receive is Does Fumoto sell oversize drain valves?

In short, no, we do not. However, we are a common solution to stripped oil pan threads.