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2022-01-28 00:02:17

Valve dimensions


The measurements below are for the total length of the valve  (not including the threaded part).


Standard Valves (F-1xx, FG-x, T-2xx)

F-Series: 13/16"

FG-Series: 1-1/8"

T-Series: 1-1/8"


Short Nipple Valves (FxxxS)

F-Series: 1-1/8"


Long Nipple Valves (FxxxN, FGxN, TxxxN)

F-Series: 1-1/2"

FG-Series: 2-1/4"

T-Series: 2-1/4"


SX & BSX Valves (FxxxSX, BxxxSX)

SX: 1-1/8"

BSX: 13/16"


Stub Nipple Valves (FGxNS, TxxxNS)

FG-Series: 1-5/8"

T-Series: 1-5/8"


Elbow Valves (FxxxL)

Most: 2-1/4"

F316L: 1-5/8"

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