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2022-01-28 00:02:13

What types of Fumoto valves are available?


Choosing a Fumoto valve can sometimes be intimidating when you use the Find Your Model tool and see multiple options. Here's a quick breakdown of the valve styles and their best applications.


Standard Valves

Our standard type valves are great for users who don't need a hose connection, want our most space-saving valve, or have a drain port that is on the very bottom of the oil pan. The standard valve is our most basic option to get the job done. 


Short Nipple: S-Series

The S valve is our short-nipple variant. This valve is great for hose connection while also saving valuable space. Hoses connect by using our SH-10 straight socket or the SL-10 elbow socket with your hose.


Full Nipple: N-Series

The N valve is often better suited for trucks and SUV's with plenty of ground clearance and is perfect for direct hose application. If you have lower ground clearance, you're better off choosing a standard, S-type, or SX-series valve.


Elbow Joint: L-Series

L valves are specifically designed for heavy duty trucks, construction equipment, and industrial engines. The removable L-shaped joint nipple allows for easier oil changes in hard to reach and awkward locations. The adjustable brass collar allows 360 degree positioning of the nipple.


Full Rotation: SX Series

Our new SX valves offer most users 360-degree valve rotation, allowing them to decide exactly where they'd prefer to drain from before they fully tighten it in place. The SX consists of 2 parts: a through bolt and a valve body. Simply adjust, tighten, and drain. Hose connections are available via our SH-10 straight socket or the SL-10 elbow socket. The versatility of the SX-series valve allows installation without an adapter on some cars and trucks that may have previously required one.


Full Rotation In A Compact design: BSX Series

The new BSX series of valves takes the best of our SX series and puts it in a smaller envelope. The BSX-Series is the latest in engine oil drain valve innovation from Fumoto. It combines the compact design of the SX-Series with a sleek new look that is perfect for space-limited oil drain locations.



Watch how the new SX Valves work:

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