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2023-05-03 19:05:47

Does my Fumoto valve stick out inside of my oil pan?

It is unlikely that a Fumoto valve will stick out into your oil pan because;

  • Most oil pans have an internal thread holding structure inside the oil pan and most drain plugs have a shorter thread than the oil pan thread.  
  • Fumoto valves usually have the thread that is about the same or even shorter than ones of regular oil drain plugs. 
  • Therefore, it is unlikely that your Fumoto valve would be sticking out inside the oil pan. Your Fumoto valve would allow you to drain just as much oil as your original drain plug. 

oil_drain_port_1.jpg oil_drain_port_2.jpg


Most of our standard F-series valves have a thread length of 0.5” and most of our large T and FG-series valves have a threaded length of 0.59”.  

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